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Privacy Policy

1. The User on this site must abide by the "Internet Electronic Announcement Service Management Regulations", and must not publish slander others, infringe others’ privacy, infringe on others’ intellectual property rights, spread viruses,involve political opinions,no spread false business information or other information on this website.

2. The specific content of this site's service is provided by the website owner according to the actual situation. If you have any questions, please consult the website owner.

3. During the using process, the user's choice should comply with local laws and regulations and general social ethics. You must keep your password and personal infomation confidential, and you will be responsible for all activities under your using process and your device.

4. When collecting and using user information, the owner of this website shall not sell the information provided by the user, nor abuse such information in other ways. In accordance with legal requirements, this website will explain to users about data collection and processing here. When contacting users or using information provided by users in other ways,this website need to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including strict compliance with user's privacy policies.