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Board Size (single): X
Board Layers: 1 Layers2 Layers4 Layers6 Layers 8 Layers10 Layers12 Layers14 Layers
Board Thickness:
Copper Foil Thickness:
Min Line Width/Line Spacing: <
Min Via Size:
Solder Mask Color:
Surface Finish:
Via Process:
Special process options:  Metallized Edge  Gold Fingers  Impedance Control
Test Method: Full Test of Flying Probe (free test of sample and multi-layer board)
Flying Probe sampling test (free AOI optical scanning + flying probe sampling test)
sampling test description: sampling test is free of charge, and the pass-through rate is over 95%, but it is only for the board with relatively simple, large sparse line width and line spacing, and large holes. If you choose the order for sampling test, a certain percentage of defective products will be allowed, please choose carefully.
Electric test of Test Bench (free AOI optical scanning + test bench test), fast speed, one-time fee, no charge for return order. The test bench fee will be charged, and the specific amount will be subject to review
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